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Each Omni franchise becomes integral to the community it serves. Our clients become part of the Omni family, and we get to know them personally as we listen and respond to their needs. Omni employees and business owners are involved in their communities, taking part in such local activities as concerts, pageants, church functions, talent searches, carnivals, graduation ceremonies, sports activities, tournament sponsorships, and other community pursuits.

The Three Ts

During its successful, 14-year tenure offering tax preparation and accounting services in New Jersey, Omni sought to address its clients’ recurring need for other important financial products, particularly travel and money transfer services. Not only does the merging of the three Ts (tax, travel, and transfer) provide you with a convenient and trustworthy source of useful financial products, but it also allows Omni to remain open year round—meaning that you can get all the tax help you need, any time of the year, while benefiting from Omni’s same high standard of service when booking your next trip or wiring money to a loved one overseas.

Consider the possibilities. You can apply your tax refund to that vacation you’ve been longing for without leaving your chair. Or use it to help family members meet their own financial obligations, no matter where in the world they may be. Perhaps you’ll confidently plan a business trip--knowing whether any or all of it may be deducted from your current year’s taxes.

In the final analysis, Omni TTT spells convenience for you, no matter what your fiscal situation. Our uncompromising quality of service is available to you year-round, tailored to your unique accounting, travel, and financial needs.