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As financial consultants, Omni Management offers premier tax preparation, bookkeeping, and accounting services. Our travel business serves individuals, businesses, and organizations with a multitude of well-executed travel services.

Tax Preparer

Omni Managementís tax services fill a growing need for accounting and tax preparation, an industry with a combined annual revenue of $65 billion. Serving millions of people yearly, this enormous industry holds many opportunities.

There were an estimated 229.3 million tax returns filed in 2006, with more than half of those returns prepared by professionals. Tax preparation firms continue to grow in popularity. There are many factors driving their increased use, not the least of which is the complexity of the tax code.


You neednít sit idle between tax seasons. Clients may also rely on you for top-quality travel arrangements. A recent Travel Industry Association forecast predicts gains in nearly all travel sectors in 2008. Air travel is expected to bring a record-breaking first quarter, especially in international flights. And according to a National Business Travel Association member survey, business travel will continue growing through 2008.

Travel agents play an active role in all of that, managing $120 billion a year and booking 87 percent of all cruises, 81 percent of all tours and packages, and 51 percent of all airline tickets. By offering travel services, youíll become part of the fun, interesting, and booming travel industry.